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Evercrete is a food company which was established in 2011 in the island of Crete in Greece. Following our 30 year family tradition in agribusiness by trading and exporting Cretan fruits, we gained the knowledge of cropping, preserving and processing the raw materials of our land.   In Evercrete, we love and respect our land and its traditions, nature and fruits, we trust our people and their experiences and we aim to produce quality, pure, natural and delicious products, retaining the nutrients and aromas through mild processing and avoiding the use of additives, sugar and preservatives.   Our products are a mirror of our restless spirit, which does not stop looking for new combinations, recipes and raw materials, that at the end of the day we are trying them with our families and friends. Because for us in Evercrete, taste is experience, it is memories, it is family dinners.. and our products reflect the way we would like to see our world: simply and naturally. Among our products are: Organic & Conventional Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic Olives Balsamic Vinegars, Dressings and Glazes Natural sweeteners Organic Avocado Oil Sea Salt - Fleur de Sel Organic Aloe Vera Juice Teas and Juices with Aloe Vera Juice

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