Michalis Kellaris

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In the rapid pace of evolution of our country, consumers search for products that will assure them the nutritional ingredients for their health at approachable prices.

Our factory «Limnia» with headquarters in Livadohori of Limnos island, deals with the production of traditional products (noodles,frumenty, pasta). With an experience of more than 27 years of successful career , the quality of our products remains  unalterable as the years go by. And this is the reason for the continuous demand.

Our story begins in 1988 in an attempt to rescue the recipes  of many past generations , so we can offer what we call «traditional».

Our aim was, is and always will be to use pure raw materials (which are all from Limnos island) straight from the producer, like the eggs, the milk and the flour. We chose the best qualities so we could have an excellent result. Limnos is known for its rich soil, which provided them with good quality wheat and other cerial. This is the reason why for 27 consecutive years till today our pasta has that special feature that makes it stand out from the rest.

The services we offer:

  • Production, packaging and launching of products at low prices. So it can be approachable ro everybody.

•               Assurance that each package is sealed in order to maintain the aroma and freshness. Consumers like to inspire trust between them and the producer

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Showing all 8 results